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   Fix TCP IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period Using CMD code [31/05/16 03:11AM]   
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Summary: After a long period of inactivity, you may receive a message that the TCP/IP connection to the server has been disconnected.

Solution: Repairing TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period problem can not be that easy. To solve TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period problems effectively and efficiently, install a good TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period Error Removal Tool is a smart solution. This is definitely your ideal tool to solve TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period problem in the shortest time.

Try TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period Removal Program Now

In order to repair TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period error, install SmartPCFixer immediately. This optimization tool is already proven to locate, identify, and troubleshoot TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period errors. Your computer should run faster and smoother after using this software.

Manual Resolutions

WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall Windows 95. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

NOTE: For information about how to edit the registry, view the Changing Keys And Values online Help topic in Registry Editor (Regedit.exe). Note that you should make a backup copy of the registry files (System.dat and User.dat) before you edit the registry.

To resolve this issue, add a key to the registry to increase the default value of the KeepAliveTime setting.

The entry descrembed in this article does not normally exist in the Windows 95 registry, and must be added to the following registry key: Hkey_Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetServicesVxDMSTCP KeepAliveTime = <32-bit number>

This entry is a Dword value that specifies the connection idle time in milliseconds before TCP begins sending keepalive packets, if keepalive packets are enabled on a connection. The default is 2 hours (7,200,000).

What Else Does SmartPCFixer Offer You?

SmartPCFixer™ is not only able to troubleshoot TCP/IP Connection Disconnected After Inactive Period error, but also help identify and fix Windows' invalid registry entries. By running Scan & Cleaner as part of scheduled maintenance, it will keep your PC from freezing or frequent crashes . Using it will reduce the probability of you getting a "blue screen", program not responding or lock up.

SmartPCFixer provides you with Registry Backup, System Backup, Favorites Backup and Folder Backup. In addition, the new built-in function of Restore Point enables you to create a system store point so you can recover your system to a previous state if you do not like the changes you have made. This ensures the safety of your system when you run the registry repair process.

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